Political Research Paper Topics

A writer of political issues requires a good knowledge of political science, history, public relations, economics, military strategy, and psychology. A full understanding of politics is not dependent only on political science but also on a general view of society.

Writing about political issues in a country requires specificity about a particular event that has historical significance. It requires an in-depth prior study on such history. It is also essential to note that historical facts do not change over time, even though their interpretation and understanding do.

For example, a previous historical event can be distorted by recent research revealing a new understanding or viewpoint. For this reason, it is always good to be open to changes that accompany research findings based on political history.

One key thing while writing on political research is to be mindful of your audience. In this regard, we mean the population of readers that will find your work interesting. You need to ensure that you do not bore them with the jargon.

You do not want to get too detailed with an event so much that you lose your audience. So, it is better to select an aspect of your research and present it in a clear, logical approach. Doing this helps to keep your readers glued.

Here is a list of political sample topics:

  1. The history of politics: the evolution thus far
  2. Politics and war: did every war history spring from a political decision?
  3. Overview of political science – Fundamentals and Methods
  4. Political psychology
  5. Cultural norms and politics
  6. Politics and religion
  7. Key figures and prominent personalities in politics
  8. Effects of political decisions on history
  9. Civil war: Causes and consequences
  10. Does politics employ terrorism?
  11. Social movements and its importance in politics:
  12. A study on populism
  13. Similarities and differences between totalitarian regimes
  14. Principles and forms of divided governments
  15. Electoral systems: Types and peculiarities
  16. Operations of federalism, capitalism and unitary systems
  17. Presidential republics and parliamentary republics: A comparative study
  18. Wars and diplomacy in interstate affairs
  19. The international political economy
  20. Philosophy and politics
  21. Nationalism and globalization: A comparative study
  22. The effects and impacts of political scandals
  23. The impacts of the common good on politics
  24. The influence of public relations in a nation’s political issues
  25. Politics and anthropology
  26. Reasons for differences between exit poll results and actual elections
  27. How do societal moral changes affect politics?
  28. Cultural pluralism
  29. The pros and cons of positivism
  30. The pros and cons of constructivism
  31. Open society and politics
  32. Ancient and modern examples of political rulership
  33. Politics and the media
  34. The impacts of rational choice theory in politics
  35. A study on international dependencies associated with politics


Research writing varies from subject to subject. Similarly, political-based research has underlying differences that have to do with geographical location and time in history. Understanding how some of these differences apply is crucial to writing a quality political research paper.

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