Research paper Topics and How to Pick Them

Identifying a good topic for your research paper is the secret to successful writing. Therefore, you need to know how to develop your topic before writing your assignment. Research paper topics are developed from intense study and assessment of past studies where a writer identifies gaps that should be addressed.

In your efforts to develop a topic for your research paper, it will be important for you to pick an area of interest. Most importantly, ensure you have a wider approach to your topic before narrowing down to the specifics. That way, you will stand a good chance of making the most out of your writing.

Sample Research Paper Topics 

Research papers can be written in various disciplines. Therefore, you can draw topics from different backgrounds to help you develop your paper. Here are sample topics that you can write about:

  1. Decriminalization of Medical Marijuana
  2. Politics and women leadership
  3. The Power of Democracy in Developing Nations
  4. Technology and its impact on modern businesses
  5. Adolescents and teenage pregnancies 
  6. Taking care of the elderly in society 
  7. Religion and the State. What roles do these two play in governments
  8. Online Learning vs the conventional mainstream classes
  9. The economic impact of COVID-19 in Africa
  10. Rising Democracies in Africa

Developing a topic for your Research Paper

When writing a topic of your research paper, you should identify the area that you want to focus on. After that, invest time and efforts in studying and reading to find more about what has been done in that field of study. There are a lot of things to look at and in the process, you will easily get to find something to write about.

Drawing your topic from a well-informed point of view is highly recommended because it gives you a wider look into your area of interest. It gives you many options to have read extensively about something. Here is how to proceed:

  • Explore your field of interest. Check all possible options for topics that you could write about 
  • Make sure you highlight the significance of the subject. Why is it important to study such a field?  
  • Look at various resources to help you develop your paper.  Check what others have done in the past 
  • Refine your chosen idea and make it your topic. Out of the many ideas and findings from past research, you can narrow to one of them and write about it.
  • Make your topic precise and specific. Avoid generalizing ideas. It should be clear to your readers. Therefore, narrow your research topic to a specific idea.

Final Advice

The best way to come up with your research paper topic is by making sure that you have thoroughly read different materials. This approach will help you pick the best of the best ideas to write on. Most importantly, it will help you write your topic without repeating what others have been able to do in the past. Make sure that your topic is unique and specific to something that is of interest in that field. 

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