Sensational Hooks That Grab The Attention Of The Readers

Do you want to write an essay that will make your audience to have the zeal to read your work? First and foremost, you must write an attractive introduction. To write a very attractive introduction, one needs to look for statements that capture the readers’ attention. Someone will ask, “What are hooks?” hooks are pieces of writing at the start of one’s essay. Hooks engage your readers. A hook is not usually part of sentences or just a sentence that brings the reader’s attention to reading your essay. Hooks are those statements that spark the readers’ curiosity. Do you want your readers to have the curiosity of what happens after? 

If your essay hooks make your readers have the eagerness to read your essay, then your audience will love your essay.

Paper hooks

Below are some categories of essay hooks that will attract your audience to read your essay.

  • The question hook.
  • Strong declaration/statement hook.
  • Statistic/fact hook.
  • Simile/metaphor hook.
  • The description hook.
  • The quotation hook.
  • The story hook.

The question hook

Interesting question hooks are when one asks a question or questions related to one’s paper or essay. The question will make your readers read your work because the only way to find the answer to the questions is by going through your essay. People ask a lot of questions. When one reads or hears questions, they will want to either know or want to answer them. 

Strong declaration / statement hook

Strong declaration hooks are sentences that make assertive claims about one’s topic. The thesis statements connect to the strong declaration hook. The declaration hook shows how important your paper or essay is.

Strong declarations are great techniques because they do not matter whether your readers agree or disagree with your declaration. Your readers will want to find out how you support your declaration.

Statistic or fact hook

Statistics and facts hook your readers because they provide valid information about topics. One can impress their readers with evidence and knowledge from the start of a paper. One needs to add facts that are accurate, reliable, and interesting. Make sure that you get your information from a good source.

The simile/metaphor

Simile or metaphor hooks engage one’s audience because they make the audience think about topics differently. One’s readers will wonder what one means and how one compares topics to some things that do not connect. 

Description hooks

These are hooks where vivid descriptions of scenes draw one’s attention to reading your essay. Good descriptions hooks will entice one’s audience to need to know what happens next in one’s essay.

Quotation hooks

These are hooks where one begins an essay with quotations. Quotations can come from famous people, but they do not have to. One can get anyone’s quotes, that is, if it connects to someone’s essay topic. If you want to apply the quotation hook, you have to make sure that you quote the exact words.

The story hook

These are hooks where one begins with a brief story that connects to one’s topic.

Most readers enjoy reading stories, mostly when the storyteller writes well. A story must directly connect to the topic. A story hook can be someone’s story or personal.


Writing an essay hook is an excellent method to give your audience the zeal to read your essay. Choose any two categories of paper hooks. Then write hooks for each category you select.

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