Top 32 Topics In Psychology For A Research Paper

Coming up with a topic to write your psychology research paper on is not always easy, even though you can always find some inspiration online. When you are asked to write a research paper, you have to decide on a topic to write about first. This can be challenging because there are really so many different things to write about. You have to make sure that you choose just the right topic.

When it comes to deciding on a topic, you need to make sure that you are interested in the topic that you have chosen. If you choose an interesting topic, you will find out that it will be so much easier to conduct the research. This is because you won’t mind reading about a topic that you find interesting. If you choose a topic that bores you, it will be very hard for you to conduct the research because you will find out that you can’t stay focused and that makes it hard to get it done.

You will also want to make sure that your topic is relevant and unique. You will want it to be relevant for obvious reasons. The whole point of you writing this type of paper is to learn more about a topic in your field. It is also important for you to choose a unique topic. The main reason to expect this is that if you choose a unique topic, you don’t have to fight over the top grade for your paper. If you and another student write a paper on the same topic, your instructor is supposed to make sure that he does not grade your paper against the other students. However, it is difficult to give two papers the same grade when one is far superior. Here are the top 32 research topics in psychology that you can use for your research paper.

  1. Addiction
  2. Androgyny
  3. Behaviorism
  4. Body modification
  5. Compulsive behaviors
  6. Corporal punishment
  7. Deja vu
  8. depression
  9. Divination
  10. Emotional intelligence
  11. Gambling
  12. Guilt
  13. Histrionic personality disorder
  14. Kleptomania
  15. Long-term memory
  16. Megalomania
  17. Multiple personalities
  18. Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  19. Panic attacks
  20. Primate language learning
  21. Resilience
  22. Rumors
  23. Sadism
  24. Serial killers
  25. Sibling rivalry
  26. Sleeping disorders
  27. Social anxiety disorder
  28. Somnambulism
  29. Subliminal advertising
  30. Effects of terrorism
  31. Twins
  32. Visual perception

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